The front graphics showcase the name in large type to ensure readability from a distance.

Clear and concise icons that highlight included components are carefully positioned to compliment the plastic seamline.

North American and Canadian graphics were created to address different regulations. The legal text, the barcode, and the hologram are meticulously layed out on the printable bottom surface.

After the launch of the HS-700, the BlackBerry Headset HS-300 had already been in the works. This is their first low-cost bluetooth headset. Since both the HS-300 and the HS-700 are part of the same family, the packaging and graphics were designed to show similarity and segmentation. I designed graphics based on the HS-700’s styling. Even though I worked with the same team of people that launched the HS-700, this project was still full of challenges, making it another extremely valuable learning experience.

Although the bottom layout is similar, the hologram on the HS-300 was integrated into a seal, which was placed on the top of the package.

The front graphics of the Canadian version showcase the name in large type, similar to that of the HS-700.

Clear and concise icons that highlight included components and features.